San Daniele® Mortadella with Pistachio

San Daniele<sup>®</sup> Mortadella with Pistachio

San Daniele® Mortadella with Pistachio is gently prepared and cooked to savoury perfection using the finest ingredients available and our time-honoured Italian recipe.

Baked slowly to create just the right balance of subtle flavour and traditional taste, this deli specialty is made with the care and attention San Daniele® puts into all its products.

Indulge all your senses by slicing into this delicacy and taking in its fragrant aroma and velvety taste. Add San Daniele® Mortadella to your favourite sandwich recipes.

Find this product in bulk deli counter of your favorite store.

The distinctive, mouth-watering taste of our mortadella has made San Daniele® the #1 Mortadella Brand in Canada*.

**Claim based on MarketTrack database for the Luncheon Meat – Exact Weight category for 52 Weeks ending June 17, 2023 time period. Copyright © 2023, Nielsen Consumer LLC

Gluten Free