I have noticed pink sparkles in the ham. Is it safe to eat?

This is a common occurrence and purely a physical phenomenon that results in a shiny, rainbow-like appearance known as iridescence. It occurs depending on the way light bounces off the surface of the deli meat. This phenomenon is not an indication of microbial growth and poses absolutely no safety risk, nor does it have any effect on taste or palatability of the meat.

Is there gluten in Salami?

No, there is no gluten incorporated in our lineup of products.

The slices of prosciutto in the package look different from each other. Is this normal?

When it comes to prosciutto, the top portion of each slice will be darker (dryer) than the rest of the slice. This is the nature of the product; each piece will vary in dryness or darkness. The top meat is the one exposed during the drying process giving it a darker color compared to the inner part (pinkish) which is not exposed. The drier the meat the darker it appears.

Where is the Prosciutto made?

The San Daniele prosciutto is made in Canada; however it honours the taste and tradition of Italian deli by traditional slow-aging. Our prosciutto is aged for a minimum 10 months using authentic methods that mimic the seasons in Italy (fall, winter, spring and summer). The dedication to the process has made this product Canada’s #1 prosciutto brand.

Are your products made in a peanut and nut-free factory?

We do not add nuts into our products. However, please note that our facilities are not certified nut-free facilities.