Raclette à La Mastro® !

Prep Time: 30 Minutes
Cook Time: 30 Minutes
Serving Size: 6
Raclette à La Mastro® !

A Swiss tradition with a delightful Italian twist!


A selection of easy melting Italian cheese
*Choose 3 different types from below (175-200g per person)
Smoked mozzarella or Caciocavallo
Fontina Cheese
Aged provolone, great for gratin
Asiago, a classic Italian cheese sweet and delicate
Chunks of Gorgonzola, a soft creamy and nutty blue cheese

Classic Specialty Deli Meats
*Choose 3 from cured to cooked to spicy (100-125 g ) per person
San Daniele Hot Mortadella
Mastro Prosciutto cotto
San Daniele Prosciutto
Mastro Calabrese Salami
Mastro salami with prosciutto

Vegetables for a combination of taste and texture
1 jar of roasted peppers
0.5 lb cherries tomatoes
1 jar of Artichoke hearts
1 Braised fennel
2 Grilled zucchini
1 bunch of boiled broccolini, broccoli or rapini
12 small onions, roasted
1 oven roasted garlic’s head

Pickles and marinade
1 cup marinated mushroom with garlic and herbs
1 cup marinated eggplants with olive oil and seasonings
1 cup black and green olives
¼ cup capers (small) or 1 cup cappers berries (big)
½ cup Mostarda di frutta

Fresh Fruits
Grill the fruit and pair it with prosciutto, salami, melted cheese and pesto.
6 fresh figs quartered
2 ripe peach quartered
½ cantaloupe (Melon) peeled and cut in slices,
2 ripe pear quarter

Sauce and pesto
The perfect final touch for a bright and bold flavor
Basil, parsley or arugula pesto
Walnuts pesto
Your favorite tomato basil sauce

Crispy and soft Italian bread

1) Add meat and vegetables on the cooking grill plate
2) Melt a slice of raclette cheese into the raclette tray and place them on the heating element.
3) Once the cheese is melted, serve it over a plate of warm potatoes, deli meats, vegetables. Garnish with fresh fruit, pickles and other accoutrements.

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