The Spirit of Raclette

The Spirit of Raclette

There’s no better way to enjoy a cold winter day than warming up to a delicious raclette meal. Enjoy it at a leisurely pace and savour all the tasty ingredients that are paired with raclette cheese.

Here’s a list of ingredients you’ll want to start with:

Something velvety – The cheese
Raclette cheese is the star of the show. It has a bold flavor and melts quickly into a silky cheese when heated. Choose a raclette cheese to your liking (mild, aged, or flavoured).
You’ll want long and thick cut slices of cheese, which should easily cover up all the ingredients placed in the little square pans of the raclette grill.
Start with 150 to 200g of cheese per person.

Something salty – The Charcuterie / Deli Meats
It’s easy to assemble your own selection of deli meats. Try a delicate San Daniele Prosciutto, a Hot and Spicy Mastro Genoa salami or a Mastro Sopressata Salami for its robust garlic taste. Can’t decide? Let us do it for you! Try one of our Charcuterie Trio varieties available in Dry cured, Cooked, Mediterranean or European Flavours.

Something soft – The Veggies
Vegetables bring a good balance to any raclette meal. Start with veggies that have a bit of a creamy texture like steamed cauliflower, grilled zucchini or boiled potatoes.
You can also put together a simple salad with crispy green lettuce dressed with a tangy vinaigrette.

Something crunchy – Bread
A crusty French baguette will do the trick.

Something tangy – The Pickles
Much needed accompaniment for raclette, pickles will make the flavor pop right in your mouth. Not only does it help clean your palate in between two bites, it will also make the experience more pleasant and sound more than just one note.
Crispy little French gherkins and pearl onion pickles with just plain vinegar and salt, will turn this Raclette dinner into a remindful success.

1) Add meat and vegetables on the cooking grill plate. Don’t have a Raclette grill? No problem, check out our recipe for Raclette Beginners and try raclette at home with what’s already available in your kitchen!
2) Melt a slice of raclette cheese into the raclette tray and place them on the heating element.
3) Once the cheese is melted, serve it over a plate of warm potatoes, deli meats, vegetables. Garnish with fresh fruit, pickles and other accoutrements.
4) Enjoy!

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