Mastro® is the #1 Salami Brand in Canada. One of the benefits of buying Mastro® Salami is the endless options on how to enjoy it. You can determine the intensity of the flavour in the way you slice them – the thicker the slice, the more you’ll revel in the delicious blend of spices.

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Endless options

Slowly aged to perfection, Mastro® Salami is treated with delectable spices, delivering a robust and savoury flavour. We recommend thick slices for your charcuterie board, thin slices for sandwiches and pizza, or cut into cubes for salads and pasta. Creating a meal with Mastro® Salami will bring that extra touch of flavour, no matter how you slice it.

There’s a reason Mastro® is the #1 Salami Brand in Canada!

Big on taste

Big on taste with bold spices and hot peppers, Mastro® Calabrese and Cacciatore offer a robust flavour like no other.

Try slicing these ones thickly on a simple charcuterie board to fully appreciate the flavour.

Mastro® Calabrese: Prepared  with a traditional recipe from  the  Calabria region of Southern  Italy, this dry-cured,  spicy-hot salami is generously seasoned with  a selection of bold  spices and hot  peppers, pressed and slowly cured to  achieve a robust  flavour like no  other.

Mastro® Cacciatore: Small in size and big on taste! This Salami is the product  of an age-long Italian tradition,  seasoned with herbs and spices for a rich, satisfying taste only Mastro® can deliver.

Any way you slice it

Whether you’re serving a salad, presenting a charcuterie platter to your guests, or simply sneaking a snack, Mastro® Chorizo delivers on taste any way you slice or dice it.

The savoury and rich blend of spices found in Mastro® Chorizo are highlighted when cut into large cubes and enhances the wonderful taste and aroma of any meal.

Mastro® Chorizo: Naturally dry cured to perfection with smoked paprika to bring out a hint of smoked flavour in this sublimely spicy salami.

Layers of flavours​

Thinly sliced and layered salami creates the perfectly stacked Italian Panini. Try using a mix of both Mastro® Hot Salametti and Sopressata Salami. Paired together, a mouth-watering and balanced layer of flavours is created from the robust garlic in the Sopressata and the rich, bold spices in the Hot Salametti.

Mastro® Sopressata: The name comes from  the  practice of pressing the salami between planks of wood,  resulting in a straight, flattened shape. It has a robust  taste due to the  generous amount  of garlic added.

Mastro® Hot Salametti: Translated as small salami, dry cured and treated with  special spices, this mini-salami delights with every  bite.

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Mastro® Salami Hearts

The great thing about Mastro® Salami is that you can cut it however you like. And yes, that includes heart shaped Salami!

There isn’t a more sincere way to show your love than through food. Treat someone special with these sweet Mastro® Salami Caprese appetizers. Use your favourite Salami to cut into any shape your heart desires.