Advanced Raclette

Prep Time: 60
Cook Time: 30
Advanced Raclette

Looking to step up your Raclette game? Try adding a mixture of these ingredients!


150 to 200g of raclette cheese per person
TIP: Looking for a twist? Try a raclette cheese that’s aged, smoked or flavoured with pepper, garlic, onion or garlic.

Specialty Deli Meats
75g to 125g per person
TIP: Try deli meats with a bold flavour such as a mild or Hot Cacciatore, Mastro® Hungarian or German Salami, or Charcuterie Trio Mediterranean Flavours (Salami w/ Prosciutto, Chorizo Salami and Smoked Prosciutto)

75 to 125 g per person
TIP: An assortment of fresh marinated meat will easily elevate your meal. Try sliced chicken breast with a classic honey-mustard marinade, a tender cut sliced beef like a flank steak or filet, or thinly slice pork loin

Sauce, mustard and chutney
Mayo or Sour Cream
Dijon mustard flavoured with nuts, smoked or honey
Chutney (Mango, Figs or Apple)

Pickled Vegetables
1 small jar – Cornichons
1 small jar – White pearl onions
1 small jar – Flavoured green olives

Vegetables and fruits
Sliced and Grilled Zuchini
Endive, cooked with butter
Oven Roasted Squash
Fresh Fruits (apples, pears etc)
Fresh Mushrooms

Arugula, topped with thinly sliced fennel and red onion and dressed with a tangy vinaigrette
For an easy vinaigrette, try mixing together 1 tbsp of Dijon Mustard, 1 tbsb Cider Vinegar, a pinch of sugar, 3 tbsp of olive oil and freshly ground pepper for taste.

Bread and wine
Add sliced french baguette
Pairs well with: a Classic white wine pairing from Swiss (Chasselas), Savoie (Roussette) or Alsace (Riesling) Or a classic Red like Pinot noir.

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